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R. Kinney Williams, President
IT and Cybersecurity Auditor
Yennik, Inc.
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Financial Web Site Audits

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Electronic Banking Examination Manual

The examiners require banks, savings and loans, and credit unions that have a web site to comply with consumer compliance, advertising, notifications, weblinking, Americans with Disability Act, and other federal Internet regulations.  

Is your web site compliant with the Americans with Disability Act?  For the past 20 years, our web site audits have included the guidelines of the ADA.  Help reduce any liability, please contact me for more information at

FYI - The FDIC and the OCC do not have a requirement that financial institutions change penetration testing firms on a periodic basis. Any such decision would be up to bank management.  Refer to and at

Seven reasons to use our web site auditing services?

We audit web sites for over 17 federal regulations and 130 separate compliance issues that relate to a financial institution's web site.  The implications of emerging electronic financial services, which includes your web site, could cause unwanted criticism from examiners as well as potential liability to your institution, officers, and directors from civil money penalties and law suites.

We are the nation's leading provider of bank web site auditing services for banks, savings and loans, and credit unions.  We have performed web site audits for more than ten years.  Our family of clients are located in 43 states and range in size from $25 million to over $13 billion in assets.  Mr. Williams' 40 years of experience includes 21 years as a bank examiner.  This experience brings you the examiner's perspective regarding Internet banking  issues.  

Lean more about web site audits at Bank Web Site Audits or View an animation outlining the steps of a Web Site Audit.

The regulatory Internet guidelines require in part "a monitoring system implemented to review continually the content and operation of the online programs to prevent inadvertent or unauthorized changes that may affect compliance with the regulations."  After performing the Initial Web Site Audit, we will monitor your site either semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly to ensure continual compliance with FFIEC guidelines, which authorizes you to display our audit seal on your home page.

For information about the different web site auditing options, pricing, company due diligence, etc., please complete the web site audit information form.  Or, please email Kinney Williams at or give me a call.

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